Post Time: 2015-04-28 18:31

Today Mouss will give a simple introduction about the Gem System.

Gem Structure:

There are 9 types of gems:    

  • Ruby (Increase Hero STR)
  • Sapphire (Increase Hero INT)
  • Topaz (Increase Hero AGI)
  • Jade (Increase Hero STA)
  • Fire Crystal (Increase Hero ATK)
  • Amethyst (Increase Hero M.DEF)
  • Obsidian (Increase Hero P.DEF)
  • Ocean Heart (Increase Hero Heal Bonus)
  • Laurel (Increase Hero Heal Receive)



Gem evolution:

Each type of gem has six levels, when you collect 4 lower level gems, a higher level gem could be evoluted. Higher level gem will bring you more power. 

During the evolution, a certain amount of coins will be cost; higher level gem evolution will cost more coins.

level of gems             cost of coins     
level 1 gem               0
level 2 gem               8000
level 3 gem               13000
level 4 gem               21000
level 5 gem               34000
level 6 gem               55000

How to gain gems:

  • Outland monsters, dropped treasure box
  • Sold at the shop
  • Dropped from guild instances
  • Mining

 Set Gem:

Each hero could be equipped 6 gems at the most, and the gem slot will be opened once the hero reach a certain level.

Gem Slot    Hero Level
1                  35
2                  40
3                  50
4                  60
5                  70
6                  80

You can only equip one gem for each type. The equiped gem could also be unequiped if you need.


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